‘UNO must be called sir’

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‘UNO must be called sir’

Janaprio desk:

‘UNO cannot be called brother, sir must be called’. UNO Shafi Ullah of Dirai upazila of Sylhet’s Sunamganj district said this. The incident took place last Wednesday (October 6) at 3:48 pm.

It is learned that plastic ash, which destroys the environment and haor, has been being made freely in Dirai Upazila for a long time. A local journalist called UNO Shafi Ullah of Dirai in Sunamganj about this. After introducing himself, the journalist called and said, “Okay, thank you brother.”

Two minutes later, at 3:48 (01730-331113), UNO Shafi Ullah called back and asked, “Which newspaper do you work for?” (Whereas this reporter had previously presented his identity). In reply, the reporter himself mentioned the name of the working newspaper.

He later said, “Journalist in a newspaper, why are you calling UNO a brother?” Later, Shafi Ullah got angry and said again, “UNO cannot be called a brother.”

Then the reporter said, “We respect Mr. DC and call him brother.” Then UNO Shafi Ullah said, “Mr. DC is calling. But I can’t be called a brother. ‘

UNO Shafi Ullah was contacted on his mobile phone at night and admitted the matter, saying, “Maybe it was not right to call him like this.” However, he (journalist) is not my relative or acquaintance. Then why would you call me brother? ‘Besides, he asked the reporter whether it was right to make news about it.

A journalist is not your subordinate; As a man or as a citizen of a country, a brother can be called, in the wrong place; In response to such a question, he said- ‘Many of you record my words. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. ‘

Sunamganj Deputy Commissioner in this regard. Abdul Ahad said, ‘It is a matter of relationship. I think I am a colleague of journalists. We can’t tell anyone to call me sir. It doesn’t even fall within the rules. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

According to the constitution, Bangladesh is a people’s republic. Will the people address the officials and employees of the republic as Sir-Madam or will the people who own the republic (who are the source of all power) be addressed as the officials and employees of the republic? Or is there an obligation to call Sir somewhere in the constitution? Of course not. If you have to call sir, the employees of the republic will call. The Prime Minister also gave strict instructions in this regard at a function last year.

On February 8 this year, Iqbal Mahmood, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), said at a function at the ACC office, “We want the employees of the republic to address the service recipients as ‘sir’, not the citizens.”

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