Cricket legend Kapil Dev suffers heart attack

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Cricket legend Kapil Dev suffers heart attack

Legendary Indian cricketer Kapil Dev has been hospitalized after he had suffered a heart attack.

He has already undergone angioplasty at Fortis Escorts Hospital in New Delhi.

The health former Indian captain is said to be stable now.

According to a statement issued by the hospital, the 62-year-old Indian cricket legend came to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (Okhla Road) emergency department at 1:00 am on 23rd October with a complaint of chest pain. He was evaluated and an emergency coronary Angioplasty was performed by Dr Atul Mathur, Director of Cardiology Department.

“Currently, he is admitted in ICU and under the close supervision of Dr Atul Mathur and his team. Kapil Dev is stable now and he is expected to get discharged in a couple of days,” the statement added._ Times of India, Zee News

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