Dead people are on the list of incentives for jute cultivation

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Dead people are on the list of incentives for jute cultivation

Jhenaidah Correspondent:

Altaf Hossain, son of late Abed Ali of Niamatpur union in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenaidah, died a long time ago. Atar Ali of Narendrapur village of the same union is also in charge. Fakir Ali’s son Anshar Ali is a government official. Duli Khatun, daughter of the late Chhamed Ali, is a beggar. But in their name the distribution of jute seed and fertilizer incentive money among small and marginal farmers has been shown.

They also raised money by signing the master role. Anshar Ali of Narendrapur village is working in Kotchandpur as an agricultural officer. He was surprised to see his name in the list of jute farmers. “I have not had any cultivable land in my 33 years of service,” he said. He said there is another person by this name in Narendrapur village.

According to the information, not only in Niamatpur Union of Kaliganj, but also in the entire district, there have been allegations of fraud in jute cultivation, fertilizer and seed subsidy. In Mandarbaria union of Maheshpur upazila, the names of the farmers who are not residents of the village and the names of the farmers who are not cultivating are included in the list of subsidy.

In Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, Maheshpur, Kotchandpur, Harinakundu, Shailkupa and Kaliganj Upazilas, there have been reports of widespread irregularities in the preparation of list of jute farmers and distribution of incentive seeds and fertilizers.

Jhenaidah District Jute Development Officer KM Abdul Baki said he had received information about the irregularities. He will take action after talking to the upazila level committee. A list of 235 jute farmers was given in Niamatpur union of Kaliganj upazila. The list includes beggars and landless people in addition to the dead.

UP members say they were not told when the list was prepared and distributed. UP member Abdul Latif Ripon said he was not aware of the distribution of jute seeds and fertilizers. Raju Ahmed Rani Laskar, chairman of Niamatpur Union, said it was not possible to send the list quickly if the list was asked in a hurry. Moreover, according to the list we submit, seeds and fertilizers are not provided.

As a result, many farmers get it and many do not. “I do business,” he said. Eats hard. I am not the chairman of the farmers who ate 2/5 kg of fertilizer or seeds. He also said that I am against earning haraam money. Meanwhile, during the last jute season, two thousand and eighteen (2016) farmers were assisted by the Jute Department under the Jute, Jute Seed and Cultivation Extension Project in Maheshpur Upazila Municipality and 12 Unions. The allocation per farmer was 6 kg urea, 3 kg TSP and 3 kg MOP. But almost half of the farmers on the list are not involved in jute cultivation and half of those involved have not received any subsidy.

Aminur Rahman, a resident of Mandarbaria village in Mandarbaria union, which is at number 7 in the subsidy list in Maheshpur, said, “I don’t have any jute cultivation.” However, I can not say how the name came in the list of subsidies. And those whose names I saw in the list are not residents of this village.

Rabiul Islam, a farmer from Bhairaba village in Bashbaria union, said no jute is cultivated in our village. We all cultivate paddy. Shamim Hossain, a jute farmer from Nepa Union, said, “I have jute cultivation. However, no subsidy was received. I don’t even know when all this comes.

Mandarbaria Union Chairman Shafidul Islam said, “The situation has made us do it.” Blaming the jute officer, he said the jute officer was repeatedly asked but he did not fix the list. In this case, I have nothing to do. Bashbaria UP chairman Abdul Malek Mandal said, “I was not present when the list was prepared.” I can’t say how this wrong list went to the upazila.

Apu Kumar Sikder, Deputy Assistant Jute Development Officer in charge of Maheshpur Upazila, said, “I am working here alone.” It is not possible for me alone to supervise everything. I have asked the chairmen to distribute fertilizer in the same way as I got in the list.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shambati Sheel, president of the upazila committee on Maheshpur subsidy distribution, said the list-making and selection committee at the local level may have some kinship. When I came to know about the matter, legal action will be taken after investigation.

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