Irregularities in the distribution of 10 kg rice; UP chairman fired

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Irregularities in the distribution of 10 kg rice; UP chairman fired

The local government ministry has suspended five UP members, including Faruk Hossain Jewel, chairman of Madhuhati Union No. 2 in Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, for alleged corruption, irregularities and negligence in government work in compiling a list of food-friendly programs.

This information has been given in a circular (Memorandum No. 1355) signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government Mohammad Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury. The local government department of Jhenaidah district administration has confirmed the news of the temporary dismissal.

On the other hand, it has been asked to inform the local government department through the deputy commissioner within 10 days of receiving the letter as to why the 7 persons mentioned in the memorandum No. 1375 will not be finally removed.

Others who have been suspended are Ashraful Islam of Chorkol village in Ward 1 of Madhuhati Union, Shri Shanti Biswas in Sreepur village in Ward 2, Md. A. Majid in Naodapara village in Ward 4, Md. Golam Rasul in Kubirkhali village in Ward 6 and Md. Golam Rasul in Kubirkhali village. Md. Rasul of Berashula village.

According to the circular, the union council has issued a show cause notice to the deputy commissioner within 10 working days to find out why it was not finally removed in the public interest as per sections 4 (b) and (g) of the Union Parishad Act 2009.

According to the Jhenaidah Deputy Commissioner’s Office, corruption and irregularities were caught in the government’s 10 kg food-friendly program in Madhuhati Union during the Corona period. Parishad chairman Farooq Hossain Jewel, in collusion with UP members, had been using the same national identity card to make about 40 cards. The irregularities were detected in about 300 cards in the program.

When the information-based news was published in this daily, an on-the-spot investigation was carried out by the district administration office. The investigation caught the image of irregularities. At first, two dealers, Ziaur Rahman Nayan, son of Janeb Mandal of Mahamaya village and Imdadul Haque, son of Sabdar Ali of Naodapara village were dismissed.

Arif Uz Zaman, additional deputy commissioner of the local government ministry, sent a report to the ministry recommending the expulsion of six UP members, including chairman Farooq Hossain Jewel.

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