Troler sinks in Meghna; 7 dadbody recovered

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Troler sinks in Meghna; 7 dadbody recovered

The bodies of seven people, including a bride, have been recovered after a troler sank in the Meghna River at Hatia in Noakhali. The naval police have continued their efforts to rescue the rest.

The trawler left Chandi Ghat in Hatia Upazila at around 2.30 pm on Tuesday (December 15) with about 70-75 passengers on its way to Dhaler Char. On the way, it sank in the Meghna river in Keringchar area.

Locals said the trawler sank due to strong currents. Many have swum to the banks of the river. They could not give the exact number of people still missing.

Abul Hossain, police inspector in charge of the Hatiyar Morshed Bazar Investigation Center, said the identities of the dead were not immediately known. Many of the passengers who were injured in the accident have climbed the river bank.

It was not immediately clear how many people were killed or missing in the crash.

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