Three are in jail in connection with the murder of a new-born child with an estranged sister-in-law

শ্যালীকার সঙ্গে পরকীয়া, নবজাতককে হত্যার ঘটনায় তিনজন কারাগারে

After 15 days of marriage, the incident of the young woman giving birth! Three people including two brothers are in jail in connection with the murder of the newborn

A case has been registered in Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital for brutally killing a newly born baby boy by strangulation. On Wednesday (August 17), SI Rifat Hossain of Jhenaidah Sadar Police Station filed the case as the plaintiff.

The accused in the case are the newborn's mother Nurunnahar Khatun, grandmother Kamla Khatun and mother's alleged lover Alif Abedin Gunjan.

Haridash Roy, OC (Operation) of Sadar Police Station, said that the initial investigation has confirmed that the child was killed in a joint conspiracy of the mother and grandmother out of fear that there might be trouble over paternity.

He said, last Monday (August 15) night when she was admitted to Nurunnahar Hospital with labor pains, she used a fake address. As a guardian, mother says one name and daughter another name. Hospital nurses are suspicious of this.

According to eyewitness accounts, after the baby was born, mother Nurunnahar and grandmother Kamala Khatun argued and killed the newborn in an alley of the hospital. First, the child was killed by pressing the testicles and wrapped something like a towel around the neck and was brought back to the hospital bed. After bringing to the bed, see the scratch marks all over the body of the newborn. Bleeding from the penis. neck scar As the news quickly spread to the hospital area, the eager crowd began to gather.

Dr. Syed Rezaul Islam, supervisor of Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital, said that the police was immediately informed after receiving such cruel news from the nurses. The police were able to arrest three people in this incident and recover the clues and motives hidden behind the incident.

Nurunnaharer, the mother of the newborn, said that she got married 15 days before the baby was born in Arpara, Kaliganj. The fact that she was pregnant at the time of the marriage was kept secret. Earlier, when Nurunnahar got married in Ganna Union of Sadar Upazila, her husband divorced her after three years.

Nurunnahar admitted to the police and media personnel that the father of this newborn is Alif Abedin Gunjan, son of Tarek Abdeen of Beparipara. She has an illicit relationship with Gunjan for a year. Nurunnahar claims that her cousin is sister-in-law about Gunjan.
Nurunnahar also said that when his father Aktar Hossain of Hamirhati village of Harinakundu Upazila died, Nana Bari moved to Kadirkol village of Kaliganj Upazila with his mother Komela Khatun. When Nurunnahar got married in Arpara of Kaliganj city, they are living in the city by renting a house in the riverside.

Jhenaidah Sadar Police Station OC Sheikh Mohammad Sohle Rana confirmed the matter and said that the police has filed a murder case in the name of three people as plaintiffs after getting the initial facts of the newborn's murder. All the accused are in jail. They will be remanded and questioned.

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