College girl who was trafficked while marrying for love was rescued in India

College girl who was trafficked while marrying for love was rescued in India

Kulchum Akhtar Moni, a student of Hatibandha Women's College in Lalmonirhat, was kidnapped and trafficked to India. One such video has already gone viral on social media.

The college student became a victim of trafficking after being abducted while marrying in love. Lover Tilak and some of his friends are involved in this abduction and trafficking incident. And after the marriage, she was trafficked to India, the girl alleged that a policeman of Hatibandha police station was involved in the traffic.

It is known that the college student was kidnapped on December 5 last year. After the abduction, Kamruzzaman Lulu, the elder brother of the girl, also filed a case at Hatibandha police station. In that case, Dhananjay's son Tilak of Gendukuri area of ​​Hatibandha upazila filed a case against 5 people. But the investigating officer of the case, Deputy Inspector Sukumar Roy of Hatibandha Police Station, has already submitted the chargesheet to the court, excluding the 2 accused, without rescuing the college student.

The college student has already been rescued by the Indian police with the help of her family. The cheater Tilak was also arrested. The Indian police rescued the student and sent him to jail.

After being kidnapped, the college student, who was trafficked, claimed that Sukumar Roy, the police officer, knew everything about her being trafficked to India. The police officer is involved in trafficking. He made such a claim while talking to the student on the phone of someone he knew.

When talking to Sukumar Roy, Deputy Inspector of Hatibandha police station and investigating officer of the case, he claimed that the charge against him of taking money and helping in smuggling was fabricated. He was only the investigating officer of the case.

OC Shaha Alam of Hatibandha police station is looking into the whole matter seriously. He said that necessary action will be taken after verifying the truth.

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