The filling stations of Gopalganj are closed due to the increase in the price of fuel oil

জ্বালানী তেলের মূল্য বৃ‌দ্ধির খবরে গোপালগঞ্জের ফিলিং স্টেশ‌নগুলো বন্ধ

The filling stations in Gopalganj have been closed with the announcement of a sudden increase in the price of fuel oil. It creates huge pressure of various vehicles including motorcycles coming to get oil. The vehicle owners have complained that the filling stations have been closed by declaring oil empty in the hope of more profit.

The different filling stations of the city were visited at night, even though the new price is supposed to be effective from 12 midnight, with the announcement of the price increase, the owners of various vehicles started crowding the filling stations to buy oil. Many were seen pushing vehicles to the filling station on foot due to lack of oil.

But the owners of the filling stations closed down. Meanwhile, all the lights of the filling stations were turned off and it became dark. Even some pumps have no oil signboards. After standing for hours and calling the owners and employees of the filling stations, they did not get the fuel. This created anger and tension among the vehicle owners.

Nahid Bani, a resident of the district town, said, I work as a contractor. That's why I always have to ride a motorcycle. I need petrol or octane in my car. But when I came to the pump to take oil, I saw that due to the increase in the price, the pump owners stopped the pump before time without selling the oil.

Subrata Biswas said, I have to ride a motorcycle for various jobs. I came to buy oil around 10 pm on the news that the price will increase. But before 12 midnight, the pump owners and employees left the pump. That's why I didn't get oil.

Jaberul Islam said, I go to the pump with oil in the car at night. Go and see that the pump is off. I call out because the light is on inside. At first they didn't answer but later the employees said no oil would be sold with the pump closed. Despite many requests they did not sell the oil. As a result, the motorcycle had to be pushed home.

However, since the filling stations were closed, it was not possible to speak to the owners, managers or employees.

Incidentally, the government has fixed the new prices of diesel and kerosene at Tk 114, petrol at Tk 130 and octane at Tk 135. Although it was supposed to be operational from 12 pm on Friday, the filling stations were closed from 10 pm.

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